American r

Revolution Vs. War

By Toddm2
  • Battle of _____ (The great Meadows)

    Battle of _____ (The great Meadows)
    The event that kicked off the beginning of the war. Supposedly, George Washington fired the first shot in the battle. He also built a circular like fort for protection within five days, Located in Pennsylvania. This was George Washingtons only military surrender
    This was one of the First battles of the French and Indian War.
  • Beginning of The _______ Year War

    Beginning of The _______ Year War
    A large conflict between Great Britain and France that also Involved the French and Indian War. Officially began when England Declared War on France. France faced a lot of defeats and loss of Allies during this war.
  • Battle of plains of _______ (battle of Quebec)

    Battle of plains of _______ (battle of Quebec)
    British Invaded and defeated General James Wolfe, Quebec surrendered to the British.
  • _______ enters the seven year war because of (?)

    _______ enters the seven year war because of (?)
    Actual beginning date is unknown, but the year of 1761 is correct. Spain entered the Seven year war because of Sugar Colonies. Spain was one of France's Allies, so when the french lost and were attacked, so was Spain. Spain Vs. Great Britain.
  • End of ______ Year War

    End of ______ Year War
    Ended with signing of two Treaties, Hubertusburg and Paris. France released the ownership they had of Canada, and surrnendered Louisiana to Spain. The French were very bitter.
  • ________ Revolution Begins

    ________ Revolution Begins
    American citizens become sick of British Rule. 'The Shot Heard 'round the World' was fired from an unknown gun, beginning a very small battle in which only one british soldier was wounded.
  • Declaration of __________

    Declaration of __________
    The decleration of Independence was adopted on this day
  • The _____ Enters War

    The _____ Enters War
    The french were very bitter about their 'things' being taken away in the Seven Years War. They began to allie themselves with America and seek revenge by helping them gain independence from Britain.
  • Battle of ________

    Battle of ________
    This Battle Lasted until October 19th. The British surrendered to the French. The American trroops were led by George Wahsington, and it was a combined effort to siege Yorktown from the British. A very good victory.
  • End of the ________ Revolution

    End of the ________ Revolution
    Treaty with Britain finally signed. Independence for America had begun.