• Debt

    France accrues a high debt from the Revlution. This is significant, relating to the French Revlotuion, because it shows an example of the sacrifices that they had to go through just to get freedom and equal rights.
  • New rights!

    New rights!
    The National Covention replaces the Assembly where all make citizens gained the right to vote. This is important regaurding the the French Revolution because it not only represented change, but it represented the growth and progress of the Revolution.
  • French Anthem

    French Anthem
    "La Marsellaise" becomes the new French national anthem This is significant to the French revoultion because it represents the all the major changes that took place in France, involving their new system of government. It also represented the their new ways of living and their strong nationalism.
  • Weak

    The Duma was set up and had no real power.