Research Proposal

  • Pierre Ayrault

    A sixteenth century judge who ruled that diplomats should maintain immunity because they are technically still in their home land so the host's judicial system does not apply to them. This judge's ruling developed a justification for diplomatic immunity.
  • French Diplomacy

    The French value their diplomacy thus this led to the creation of twenty ambassadors. This was the start of providing diplomatic immunity for diplomats.
  • The Schooner Exchange v McFadden

    A Supreme Court Case which dealth with whether the domestic or international law applied to the seizure of an American warship by the French Government. This case was the first instance of foreign state immunity being documented.
  • Internation Organization Immunities Act

    This act gave protection to internation members from taxes and seizures while conducting buisness in the U.S. This on top of the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations gave additional power to diplomats and their immunity.
  • Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations

    This is the international treaty that gave way to the birth of diplomatic immunity. Without this, there would be no protection for diplomats to conduct crimes and get away with it.
  • A Libyan diplomat shot and killed a police officer

    Diplomatic immunity protected the shooter from being charged. Although responsibility was claimed in 1999, this situation shows how dangerous and unfair it is to have diplomatic immunity for basically every crime possible.
  • Umaru Dikko Kidnapping

    This is an example of diplomats trying to get away with crimes through the use of diplomatic immunity. It reflects the lengths that they will go when taking advantage of their immunity. This helps to further the understanding of what may be happening with migrant workers and diplomats.
  • Swarna and Baoanan

    Paved the way for the acceptance of diplomatic immunity protecting diplomats. Established the ruling that as long as the incidence is a personal occurance, it is protected. This case gave power to diplomatic immunity. The case also brought attention to the conflict between the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations and the purpose of the justice system.
  • Georgian diplomat killed a 16 year old girl when drunk driving

    In this instance, the diplomat had not immunity applied to him as it was waved by the courts. This provides a counter argument to the problem and providing instances where immunity is not always concrete.
  • Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act

    An act which helps to protect trafficking victims without having to worry about the powers of diplomatic immunity. This reflects the otherside of the problem where the government can be seen taking some action to address the problem.