Renaissance Timeline, A.P., 6

  • Period: 1091 to 1296

    The Crusades

    The Crusades was wars between Christians and Muslims. It started because they wanted to secure control of holy sites that were sacred by both. It enhanced the status of European Christians. A majority of people involved in the wars fight for land in the middle east.
  • Period: 1347 to 1352

    The Black Death

    The Black Death was a deadly and powerful plague of bacteria. It caused big tumor sized bumps that were called Bubos. People would get high fevers and coughs and would die from this. The name of this disease is Bubonic Plague and took place from 1347-1353.
  • Period: 1400 to 1495

    Early renaissance

    The Early Renaissance was when people started to discover theories about humans and started to use science. Art started to became popular to show images from The Bible. Leonardo Da Vinci and Francesco Botticini were some of the main artists.
  • Period: 1434 to

    Age of Exploration

    The age of exploration was a time when Europeans started to discover more of the world. They discovered new ways to different nations and the far east. This took place between the 1400s and the 1600s.
  • Period: 1496 to 1527

    High Renaissance

    The High Renaissance was when art started to become its own thing and not only used for images from The Bible. They had new things to draw with and more technology. They had freedom to do wha they wanted with their art. The High renaissance represented a time of telent and wealth.
  • Period: 1517 to 1555

    The Reformation

    The Reformation was a religious movement that took place in Europe in the 1500s. It was the cause of a branch to Christianity called Protestantism. The name refered to religious groups that seperated Roman Catholic church because of the differences in doctrine.
  • Period: 1527 to

    Late Renaissance

    The Late renaissance was when started to use models to show there work. It was a style that started in European art. They focused on the human body exaggerated and positioned in twisted poses.
  • Period: 1550 to

    Scientific Revolution

    The Scientific revolution helped create modern science during early history and early scientific discoveries. They found biology, astronomy, math, and etc. Modern science developed a lot since this time but it was a big impact that they discovered it in early history.