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Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic-Musical influences

By adortiz
  • Jan 1, 1435

    Printing Press

    1) Print music- copies of musical scores
    2) Knowledge to the masses
    3) text becomes available to masses
  • Mar 16, 1465

    Printed music appears

    1) Everyone can learn music
  • Mar 16, 1506

    Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa
    1) Art is inspiriational
    2) Nat King Cole- Mona Lisa
  • Mar 16, 1519

    Magellan's Voyage around the world

    1) Exposed to different world music
    2) Allows musical styles to spread
  • Operas are performed

    The combination of music, drama, and dancing to tell a story is still used in media today.
  • Admission charged for concert

    It influenced musicians to become performers as a viable career.
  • Admission charged for concerts

    You can make money
  • Oratorio

    A musical performance without dramatic action.
  • Piano created

    Piano created
    Pianos are still used today
  • J.S. Bach

    J.S. Bach
    Prolific composer of the Baroque era
  • Beethoven Born

    Grows up to be one of the best composers
  • Revolutionary War

    War songs, new country (US) creates a new style of music
  • Beethoven's 5th symphony

    Successful musical composer who influences what music sounds like today
  • 1st railroad

    Transporation brings people and music together
  • Frankin invents the lightning conductor

    Electricity is used to power instruments, mixers, amplification, portable music devices, etc.
  • Civil War

    War music influences popular music.
  • Telephone

    Communication long distances. helps music and internet develop
  • Movie Projector invented

    Media uses music embedded throughout videos, helps establish mood and popularity.