Renaissance - Guitar

  • Jan 1, 1194

    Ibanez 7-String Guitar

    Ibanez 7-String Guitar
    This guitar was actually developed in the early 90's. The instrument came to light when famous rock band Korn used it in their debut album. Many bands jumped onto the seven string bandwagon, such as Muse, Dream Theater, and Suicide Silence.
  • The Rickenbacker "Frying Pan"

    The Rickenbacker "Frying Pan"
    The electric Hawiian guitar became known as the "Frying Pan" and the "Pancake". It was considered to be the first electric guitar.
  • Rickenbacker "Electro String"

    Rickenbacker "Electro String"
    This was called the Hacklite Spanish Guitar. Hacklite was a plastic they used back then.
  • Les Paul "Log"

    Les Paul "Log"
    The Les Paul was created by Les Paul, made from maple tree wood.
  • Bigsby-Travis Guitar

    Bigsby-Travis Guitar
    This guitar was created by Paul Bigsby, inspired by guitarist Merle Travis. It shares a few design features with the Broadcaster, which was developed at around the same time.
  • Fender Broadcaster

    Fender Broadcaster
    Once Leo Fender had parted ways with his partner, he decided to create a guitar built for utilty and practility, less on design. He wanted a regular guitar with a nice, clear sound.
  • Gibson Les Paul

    Gibson Les Paul
    After his succesful expeirment with his "log" guitar, Les Paul took his ideas and told Gibson. Gibson shot him down, but he came back a few years later, and he was signed. Les Paul went through 50 to 60 prottypes before he was happy with the design.
  • Fender Stratocaster

    Fender Stratocaster
    This guitar had 3 special features that made it stand out in 1954. First was its double cut away neck. Second it had the Fender engineered "tremolo" unit built into the bridge. Last, 3-way selector allowed the guitarist to choose a pick up.
  • Van Halen "Frakenstrat"

    Van Halen "Frakenstrat"
    This guitar marked the first of the fast playing, electrical sounding guitars. Van Halen engineered faster pickups. Virtually every guitar company raced to make models based off of then Frakenstrat, or better.
  • Jackson Randy Rhoads

    Jackson Randy Rhoads
    This quitar was based of the design of a shark's fin. It had less wood on the side, which gave a better tremble response.