Renaissance 1430-1600

  • 1446

    Alexander Agricola 1446-1506

    Genre commonly composed: Masses, Motets, Chansons, and Secular songs.
    Musical Inventions: N/A
    Music Traits: 3 part songs often in an oblique fashion.
    Inventions: all patents
  • 1450

    Josquin de Prez ~ 1450-1522

    Genre commonly composed: Motets, Virtuoso Motets, and Choral Music.
    Musical Inventions: The Crumhorn, Viol, and Rackett.
    Music Traits: Polyphonic vocal music.
    Inventions: Printing Press
  • 1452

    Pierre de la Rue ~1452-1518

    Genre commonly composed: Mostly religious Renaissance music.
    Musical Inventions: N/A
    Music Traits: Masses, Motets, and use of Polyphony.
    Inventions: N/A
  • 1459

    Jean Mouton ~1459-1522

    Genre commonly composed: Mostly Motets.
    Musical Inventions: The Sackbut.
    Music Traits: 'Older' style vocal lines in clearly defined sections.
    Inventions: The Sallet of Emporer Maximilian.
  • 1483

    Hans Buchner 1483-1538

    Genre commonly composed: Arranged vocal music, Organs, and Hymns for Mass.
    Musical Inventions: The "Cantoria"
    Music Traits: Scoring for Organ and 3rd part use of "Fundamentum."
    Inventions: N/A
  • 1485

    Clement Janequin ~1485-1558

    Genre commonly composed: Chansons
    Musical Inventions: Tudor methods in music.
    Music Traits: Several part songs but the added sound of nature. and Porgrammatic.
    Inventions: The 1st Parachute.
  • 1490

    Luis de Navarez 1490-1547

    Genre commonly composed: Polyphonic music.
    Musical Inventions: The 1st Piano and Cello design.
    Music Traits: Polyphonic music for Vihuela.
    Inventions: The flying machines.
  • 1497

    Milano de Francesco 1497-1543

    Genre commonly composed: Lute music and Vocal compositions.
    Musical Inventions: The Aerophone and Hesiod.
    Music Traits: Refined Polyphonic textures.
    Inventions: The last supper painting.
  • 1510

    Alanso Mudarra ~1510-1580

    Genre commonly composed: Instrumental
    Musical Inventions: The Crumhorn Consort.
    Music Traits: Non-contrapuntal style and variations.
    Inventions: The Horizontal water wheel.
  • 1519

    Thoinot Arbeau 1519-1595

    Genre commonly composed: Dances such as a Gavotte or an Allemande.
    Musical Inventions: The Harpsichord and Lute
    Music Traits: "Rustic," type music with repeated phrases.
    Inventions: None other than Da Vinci's before 1519.
  • 1530

    Orlando di Lasso 1530-1594

    Genre commonly composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions: The Cornet Shepherd's Crook.
    Music Traits: Use of Chromatic alterations, Lassus and Hymns.
    Inventions: N/A
  • 1532

    Andrea Gabrieli 1532-1585

    Genre commonly composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions: The Recorder, and other instruments made of wood.
    Music Traits: Secular Vocal music and mixed vocal.
    Inventions: 1st the model typewriter.
  • 1540

    William Byrd 1540-1623

    Genre commonly composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions: The Recorder Consort.
    Music Traits: Mystical Tonality and Secular compositions.
    Inventions: Mining and Navigation.
  • 1557

    Giovanni Gabrieli 1557-1612

    Genre commonly composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions: Marginals, Canzonettes and 1st model Trombone.
    Music Traits: Homophony and Polyphony in multi choir sections.
    Inventions: The field of Physician and Mathemetician.
  • 1560

    Carlo Gesualdo 1560-1613

    Genre commonly composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions: The Tutinama on instruments.
    Music Traits: Marginals, and pieces of sacred music.
    Inventions: The Geneva Bible was published.
  • 1562

    Jon Bull 1562-1628

    Genre commonly composed: For Organ and Keyboard.
    Musical Inventions: Inventions of the Opera.
    Music Traits: Frequently used "free voice textures."
    Inventions: Weaponry and immunogenic composition.
  • 1563

    Jon Dowland 1563-1626

    Genre commonly composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions: Tablature to write Polyphonic music.
    Music Traits: Primarily Lute solos and Consort music.
    Inventions: Stocking Frames, Knitting machines, and Textiles.
  • 1564

    Hans Leo Hassler 1564-1612

    Genre commonly composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions: The 'Messiah' on Violin
    Music Traits: Polychoral style and Venetian expressionism.
    Inventions: The Thermometer, Pencil, and Pendulum Clock.