• ice box

    ice box
    Thomas Moore created the ice box. A large block of ice sits in a tray near the top of the box. Cold air is blown around the box into its lower areas. after the ice has melted people needed to buy some new ice from a Iceman
  • compressed ammonia refrigerator

    Inventor Carl Von Linde. The Procedure of liquefying gas ment that gas was removed from the fridge
  • GE Monitor top

    GE Monitor top
    Christian Steenstrup created GE Monitor Top. Using A Compressor. A spreading Refrigerant was transformed from a vapour to a liquid and cooled to near room temperature under pressure, Before being released back into circulation.
  • Whirlpool

    Made by the whirlpool corporation. The refrigerator has condenser coils that Cools the Refrigerant to keep a cool temperature in the fridge.
  • LG Internet Digital DIOS

    Invented By LG electronics. The Refrigerator has a TCT-LDC (thin-film translator-liquid crystal display) with TV Functionality And a LAN (Local Area Network) Port.
    It has a LCD information window that features a Electronic pen, data memo, video messaging and schedule management Functions and provides information. It as well has a webcam that acts as a scanner and tracks whats inside the refrigerator, A MP3 Player and A automatic icemaker.