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Recent Disappointments of Tennessee Football

By jlee92
  • Tennessee-Florida 2004

    Tennessee-Florida 2004
    This was the last time Tennessee has beat Florida, 8 long years ago. The game was won by a James Wilhoit 50 yard fieldgoal.
  • Tennessee-Florida 2005

    Tennessee-Florida 2005
    Under new head coach Urban Meyer, Florida was able to defeat the Vols 16-7. This sparked the long losing streak that exists to this day.
  • Four straight losses

    Four straight losses
    This day marks the end of Tennessee's four game losing streak, an unthinkable idea just a few years ago.
  • Loss to Vanderbilt

    Loss to Vanderbilt
    Not only did losing this game break the 22 game winning streak the Vols had against Vandy and cause great embarassment to Vols fans everywhere, it also meant the Vols would not qualify for a bowl.
  • Loss to Florida

    Loss to Florida
    While this year was not completely miserable, the losing streak to Florida continued.
  • Loss to Penn State

    Loss to Penn State
    Tennessee plays Joe Paterno and his Penn State Nittany Lions in the Outback Bowl. Tennesse ends a decent season with a whimper.
  • Another loss to Florida

    Another loss to Florida
    Tennessee continues its streak of losing to teams from Florida in September.
  • Losing the SEC Championship

    Losing the SEC Championship
    Tennessee has finally returned to the SEC championship! Only to lose to LSU after a late interception thrown by Erik Ainge.
  • Loss to UCLA

    Loss to UCLA
    Tennessee lost to a third string quarterback in the 2008 season opener. This was also the last time the Vols was ranked until before the Florida game in 2012.
  • Florida beat the Vols again...

    Florida beat the Vols again...
    Florida continues their streak...
  • Wyoming loss does Fulmer in

    Wyoming loss does Fulmer in
    Losing to the Wyoming Cowboys was the last straw for Phillip Fulmer in a season that was full of discipline issues. Wyoming was a bad Mountain West team that Tennessee had no business losing to, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Continued agony for Vols fans against Florida

    Continued agony for Vols fans against Florida
    Even under new coach Lane Kiffin, the Vols continue their losing streak.
  • Heartbreaking loss to Alabama

    Heartbreaking loss to Alabama
    The Vols lost when Terrence Cody blocked a last second field goal, giving Alabama the win.
  • Players arrested

    Players arrested
    Several Players are arrested in the infamous cheeseburger stealing incident at the Pilot on the strip.
  • Losing in the bowl game

    Losing in the bowl game
    Tennessee come up short in the Chick-fil-A Bowl against Virginia Tech. This will be the last game Lane Kiffin coaches at Tennessee.
  • Lane Kiffin leaves

    Lane Kiffin leaves
    After just one year with the Vols, Lane Kiffin leaves for USC. Students riot on campus out of frustration.
  • Florida loss....again...

    Florida loss....again...
    Dooley continues the Tennessee tradition of losing to Florida.
  • Last Second loss to LSU

    Last Second loss to LSU
    Tennessee appeared to have won the game when LSU fumbled with no time left on the clock. However, Tennessee had too many men on the field, and LSU got an extra down and scored to win the game.
  • Winless October

    Winless October
    This date marks the end of a winless October, the first time Tennessee has ever accomplished this pathetic feat.
  • Tough loss in the Music City Bowl

    Tough loss in the Music City Bowl
    In another game in which at first it seemed Tennessee had won, North Carolina missed a fieldgoal to tie the game. They were then given a second chance after a penalty and tied the game and went on to win in double overtime.
  • Seventh straight loss to Florida

    Seventh straight loss to Florida
    As per usual, the Vols lose to Florida, starting what will turn out to be an abysmal season.
  • Loss to Kentucky

    Loss to Kentucky
    Tennessee loses to Kentucky, snapping a 26 game win streak. This game also ensured that UT would not make a bowl game this year.
  • Ranked! But lost to Florida

    Ranked! But lost to Florida
    Tennessee became ranked for the first time since the preseason poll in 2008. Fans had high hopes for this game and believed this could be the end of the streak, but it was not meant to be.