Real History 1970 - 1985

  • Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty signed with USSR

  • Watergate

    Four men got arrest for Watergate
  • Paris Peace Accords

    Vietnam war ended.
  • First USA Space Station was launched

    Called Skylab
  • Oil Crisis in 1973

  • Impeachment Hearing against Nixon

  • Nixon resigned from office

  • Ford pardoned Nixon

  • Presdient Ford survives two assassination attempts in a 17-day time span.

  • Trans-Alaska Pipeline System begins to be built

  • Nuclear Proliferation Pact

    Slowed down the spread of the nuclear weapon around the world.
  • Iran hostage crisis starts

  • Soviet-Afghan War begins

  • Iran hostage crisis ends

  • Ronald Reagan became the President

  • Space Shuttle Columbia was launched

  • The term "AIDS" was introduced

  • The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project begins

    Spacecraft project between USA & USSR