Reading timeline EDRL 471

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  • Finger puppets

    Finger puppets
    Finger puppets were the first object that I could remember when I started to learn to read in kindergarten. Finger puppets were used by the teacher to read to the class beginner books. Not only did the teacher read the book but she acted it out using the finger puppets. This made reading fun!
  • Leapfrog

    Leapfrog contained a pen that read the words you pointed to in the book. When I was in first grade we were allowed to check it out and take it home and read the book. This was a fun experience especially when I was learning how to pronounce the words.
  • "Goodnight Moon"

    "Goodnight Moon"
    My favorite and most remembered book in elementary school was "Goodnight Moon" our teacher would always read it. It is one of the books that I used to enjoy back then and even made my parents buy it for me in the book fair. I would read this book to my younger siblings at home till this day I have the book.
  • AR Testing

    AR Testing
    Accelerated Reading testing was a test completed I think each year of school in elementary and middle school where students took it to see what grade level they were at. This helped teachers see where their students were at.
  • Goosebumps + Junie B. Jones

    Goosebumps + Junie B. Jones
    These two books were my favorite to read when I started reading chapter books. The books were around 50-70 pages and reading level was about 3rd-5th grade reading. Junie and Goosebumps were the gateway to more chapter books.
  • "The A Monkeys"

    "The A Monkeys"
    In 6th grade, in my reading class we had to create a book with pictures for elementary school students. My book was called "The A Monkeys" and was topped picked in the class. We had the opportunity to read it to a first grade classroom.
  • Wattpad

    In middle school, I had a Wattpad account which was a website where you can read and write stories. I would always read stories in this book and due to the reading I would do my writing skills got better especially in fiction. I would also write stories myself.
  • Library

    I would go to the library with my mom and rent books to read. The books I was into was romance and teen fiction. I grow love for reading and I would always rent books at the library in middle school.
  • Miss H.

    Miss H.
    My english teacher in high school instead of making us read books we did not want to; she gave us a project where we pick a book we want to read ourselves. I picked a crime/ suspense related book and it made writing a book report fun. It is better when the teacher allows us to pick a book of our choice rather than a book they chose.
  • College

    In college I realized reading is not a way I learn. For math and science I cannot study by reading the textbooks. Now I tense to read less compared to how I used to read back then. I like writing but more fiction and in college we usually write research papers.