Reading Timeline

Timeline created by caitlynmg
  • Read to by Parents

    Read to by Parents
    When I was a child, my parents read to me frequently and this helped spark my love for reading.
  • Learned to Read

    Learned to Read
    I learned to read, and my capability to read independently increased my interest in reading.
  • Harry Potter Series

    Harry Potter Series
    A friend encouraged me to read the Harry Potter series, and to this day, I still read those books and keep up with the series.
  • School Library

    School Library
    During school, I always had to go to the library with the class, and every time we went, I had to pick a book to read.
  • Nicholas Sparks Books

    Nicholas Sparks Books
    I found that I loved books by Nicholas Sparks, so I went about reading every book by this author.
  • Reading Teacher

    Reading Teacher
    My 6/7th grade teacher assigned reading for homework and also read to us in class, which ensured I was always reading.
  • Move Adaptations

    Move Adaptations
    Anytime I saw a movie or TV show that I liked, I always wanted to read the book it was based off of (the book was always better).
  • Ink Trilogy

    Ink Trilogy
    My friend's cousin wrote the Ink trilogy, and because of this I was intrigued to read the entire series.
  • Learning

    Because of my time in high school, I realized the more I read, I would learn more new things.
  • Relaxing

    Now, I find reading relaxing and try to read as frequently as I can.