Reading History Timeline

  • At-Home ABC/ Fluency Practice

    At-Home ABC/ Fluency Practice
    I would practice memorizing my ABC's and flashcards for colors, shapes, and basic words.
  • First book

    First book
    I started attempting to read 3-5 word sentence books in kindergarten.
  • Writing short stories

    Writing short stories
    In second grade we were given the project of creating our own short stories "book" that we would later add to the class library.
  • First Book Fair

    First Book Fair
    Towards the end of kindergarten I went to my first scholastic book fair. I was able to pick out my own books to read at home. This event always made me excited to read.
  • At School Fluency Practice

    At School Fluency Practice
    Once in the first grade we would have to take timed tests to see how many words we could read per minute, how many words we knew and how many words we struggled with. These tests really discouraged me because I have always been a slow reader.
  • First Chapterbook

    First Chapterbook
    I began to read chapter books in school and at home.
  • Reading Interventions

    Reading Interventions
    I had a lot of difficulty with comprehension so my teachers would pull me aside 1-2 times a week to work on reflecting on my readings to better understand what I just read.
  • Honors English Classes

    Honors English Classes
    I began taking honors in 8th grade, these classes challenged me enough as the regular classes were to easy
  • English 101

    English 101
    I took English 101 in the summer and absolutely loved it. I felt like my writing and reading level was really improving!
  • English 102

    English 102
    I am currently taking English 102 and I am very confused but I am working my way through it!