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Ray Charles

  • Ray Charles Robinson is born

    Ray Charles Robinson is born
    Ray charles the great was born. His mothers name was Arethra Robinson and father was Bailey Robinson
  • Period: to

    ray chales

    he lived a well 73 years
  • ray loses his brother

    ray loses his brother
    At the age of 4 ray witnesses the sight of watching his younger brother drowning in a big wash tub
  • He officially goes blind at the age of 7

    He officially goes blind at the age of 7
    he was suffering from glacoma for the last 2 years and then finally he went completely blind
  • schooled

    right after his blindness had been confimed he attended the school for the blind and deaf
  • hes learned to do good

    hes learned to do good
    At the age of 12 he learned how to read and arrange music.
  • his mom dies

    his mom dies
    At th age of 15 he had learned of his mothers death while in St. Augustine and his father had died an unknown amount of years earlier so he had no where to go.
  • addiction to the road

    addiction to the road
    With no immediate family he had o find work so he went to the state of florida and started to play in small road bands every now and then, so at the age of 18 he had been fully accustomed to road trips but he got hooked on to heroin at this time
  • just a mess of fame

    just a mess of fame
    Once he had gathered around 600$ from performances he had traveled to West Coast, Seattle where he met someone who would later do many hits with the famous Quincy Jones.
  • atlantic pickup

    atlantic pickup
    Near the end of 1951 he Swingtime had dropped Ray and was then picked up by Ahmet Ertugum and Herb Abramson with a contract of 2.5 Grand.
  • formative years end

    formative years end
    His official voice had been aquired and so his formative years came to an end and just spent the rest singing but at this time he had diovorced his wife of only 16 months and subsequntly remarried a women by the name of Dolla
  • soul is reborn

    soul is reborn
    At this time Ray had learned to mix blues and gospel together to make Soul music but it his soul mussic was official when he made the song i got a women, the only problem was that Ahmet Erteguns brother Nesuhi Ertegun had told ray that this was done once before
  • father of soul official

    father of soul official
    with the releasing of his album "The Genious of ray charles" it officially put him as the father of soul.
  • Ray Charles the musical Genious has sucumb to cancer

    Ray Charles the musical Genious has sucumb to cancer
    he died of pancreatic cancer in a hospital on this date.