Earth radio

Radio timline

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  • Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla experimentally demonstrted the transmission and radiation of radiofrequnecy energy.
  • Marconi

    Marconi built a wireless system capable of transmitting signals long distances.
  • Reginald Fessenden

    Reginald Fessenden
    Reginald made a waek transmisson of voice over the airwaves.
  • Julio Cervera Baviera

    Julio Cervera Baviera
    On March 22, 1902, Cervera founded the Spanish Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Corporation and brought to his corporation the patents he had obtained in Spain, Belgium, Germany and England.
  • Charles David

    Charles David
    In April 1909 Charles David Herrold, an electronics instructor in San Jose, California constructed a broadcasting station. It used spark gap technology, but modulated the carrier frequency with the human voice, and later music.
  • Harold J. Power

    Harold J. Power
    Harold Power with his radio company American Radio and Research Company (AMRAD), broadcast the first continuous broadcast in the world from Tufts University under the call sign 1XE (it lasted 3 hours).
  • Crystal sets

    Crystal sets
    The most common type of receiver before vacuum tubes was the crystal set, although some early radios used some type of amplification through electric current or battery. Inventions of the triode amplifier, motor-generator, and detector enabled audio radio.
  • First Vaccum tubes

    First Vaccum tubes
    During the mid-1920s, amplifying vacuum tubes revolutionized radio receivers and transmitters. John Ambrose Fleming developed an earlier tube.
  • Bessie Smith

    Bessie Smith
    “Queen of the Blues” Bessie Smith records her first song, “Down Hearted Blues,” which becomes an immediate success.
  • Jazz

    Jazz composer Duke Ellington writes “It Don't Mean a Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing,” a song that presaged the swing era of the 1930s and 1940s.
  • Comercial radio

    The radios established comercial modes this is important because that's how radio made money
  • Euro dance

    Euro dance band Milli Vanilli admits to lip-synching hits such as "Girl You Know Its True," and has its Grammy award revoked.