Question of the Day 7

Timeline created by NicholasBest
  • Carnegie born in 1835

    Carnegie was born in Scotland in 1835, to a poor weaver.
  • Moves to America

    Carnegie's family comes to America in 1848.
  • 18 years old, works for railroad official Thomas Alexander Scott

    At 18, Carnegie works in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia as the private secretary for railroad official Thomas Alexander Scott.
  • Leaves Railroad, Makes own company

    Carnegie leaves the railroad company he worked for and founds his own company, where he makes railroad bridges from iron.
  • Starts his first steel mill

    Carnegie starts his first steel mill, where he begins the process of controlling the country's iron and steel production.
  • Consolidates into the Carnegie Steel Company

    Carnegie consolidates his steel mills into the Carnegie Steel Company, and controls a quarter of American iron and steel production.
  • Carnegie retires from his empire

    Carnegie retires from controlling the empire he built
  • Period: to

    Carnegie devotes to philanthropy

    Carnegie spends the last 18 years of his life pursuing philanthropy and using his wealth for the public good.
  • Gives $125 million to establish Carnegie Corporation of America

    Establishes Carnegie Corporation of America, provided funding to institutions and organizations that conduct research on education and public affairs.