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The History of the Punks-Insights

  • Garage Rock

    Garage Rock
    A more raw form of rock and roll that would be one of the major influences in the Punk genre.
  • The Father of Punk

    The Father of Punk
    Iggy Pop on Stage Iggy Pop is credited by some, the Father of Punk.
  • The Sonics

    The Sonics
    One of the first punk/garage rock bands
  • The Rebillion Begins

    The Rebillion Begins
  • Sex Pistols

    Sex Pistols
    one of the biggest and most influential groups who played.originated in U.K. then came to U.S.
  • Country, Bluegrass, and Blues

    Country, Bluegrass, and Blues
    CBGB club, the underground club where many famous and unfamous bands of punk, and other genres would play.
  • SEX Boutique

    SEX Boutique
    Owned by Malcom McLauren and Dame Vivienne Westwood, this store specialized in clothing that defined the look of the Punks.
    Popular products including ripped/ tattered jeans/pants, fishnet stockings, studded jewelry, novelty T's with rebellious messages & leather. Regular customers included the four original members of The Sex Pistols.
  • People take notice

    People take notice
    The world started to notice two bands - The Ramones and The Sex Pistols -
  • Start of Branching Off

    Start of Branching Off
    Many different sub genres started to be created out of the Genre Punk Rock:
    Art punk
    Christian punk
    Crust punk
    Garage punk
    Glam punk
    Hardcore punk
    Riot grrrl
    Skate punk-West Coast
    Street punk
    Celtic punk
    Chicano punk
    Folk punk
    Gypsy punk
    Pop punk
    Punk blues
    Punk jazz
    Punk metal
    Ska punk
    Horror punk
    Nazi punk
    Noise rock
  • Yugoslavic Punk

    Yugoslavic Punk
    Influenced by the punk rock bands in U.S. and United Kingdom. Shows that Punk reached out to different edges of the world
  • Unemployment Rate

    Unemployment Rate
    Throoughout the early 80's the unemployment rate went over 10%, This is the highest it has been sice the 40's. This could have influenced music and their lyrics specifically,Punk Rock, considering it was when it really started to take off. The anger and the experiences were a gateway and is the reason why Punk is Punk. Being unemployed would add to these "bad times".
  • 1980's Punk Fashion

    1980's Punk Fashion
    As Punk becomes more popular, so does their apperience...Punk clothing becomes more dramatice with even taller, spikier hair, more dramatic makeup and clothing
  • Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain
    The death of Kurt Cobain devastated many people, and it shows the true nature of Punk Rock. Some view this as the death of Punk Rock and the end of it. People view Kurt as the last true Punk.
  • Warped Tour Begins

    Warped Tour Begins
    Created by Kevin Lyman, every summer, the biggest names in Punk music preform.
  • Period: to

    Warped Tour

  • Punk Today

    Punk Today
    Many Punk bands like Pierce the Veil, Black Veil Brides, Of Mice and Men, Sleeping with Sirens, and others carry out the want to be different. Many bands try and connect with their fans-they provide music that teens can realate to-Many bands put out songs that convey the message that they're not the only ones struggling and that they will get through. Many bands do provoke rebellion in their audience, trying to be themselves and not what society wants them to be.
  • Mitch Lucker

    Mitch Lucker
    Born Mitchell Adam Lucker on October 20th, 1984 in Riverside, California, is the lead singer of Suicide Silence which began in 2002, died on November 1st, 2012 in a motorcycle crash in Huntington Beach, California.
  • The End of Punk

    The End of Punk