Puerto Rico: History of the language policy

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In History
  • 1898

    Puerto Rico cede to U.S. under Treaty of Paris. Military government established an English language as medium of instruction. All subjects in the public school must be teached in English
  • 1900- English Language Instruction

    English was the obligatory language of instruction in Puerto Rican high schools between 1900 and 1948. Commisioner Brumbaugh, President McKInley' Commissioner of Education of Puerto Rico, decided that English would be language of instruction only in the secondary schools.
  • 1902

    1902, four years after Puerto Rico became a U.S. "dependency" in the Spanish American War, The Official Language Act granted official status to Spanish and English. The island was declared officially bilingual. Public business would be conducted in both Spanish and English.
  • 1903 Official Language Act

    1903 Theodore Roosevelt’s Commissioner of Education revoked the Official Language Act and reestablished English as the medium of instruction in all grades.
  • 1917 Spanish Language back in public schools

    1917 Spanish Language was reinstated as the medium of instruction for the first four grades. Puerto Ricans were granted U.S. citizenship.
  • Effort to improve English Instruction

    United States teacher's were employed on the island to enforce and improve the quiality of English Instruction.
  • 1921-1930

    Being as the Commissioner of Education John B. Hyke there is more emphasis on the use of English, was required to speak English professors and students outside of class.
  • 1930 A new language Policy

    José Padín, Commissioner of Education at that time, introduced a language policy which required all subjects except English to be taught in Spanish in the first eight grades.
  • 1934 Language Policy Changes

    In the Franklin Roosevelt’s Presidency, Blanton S. Winthrop, imposed English the Language of instruction in all grades.
  • 1941 Winthrop's Policy Modified

    English was reestablished as the language of Instruction in the secondary schools.
  • 1942 Spanish- First language up to sixth grade.

    Spanish Language was the first language up to sixth grade. English class was taught as a special course.
  • 1948 First Governor of Puerto Rico: Luis Muñoz Marín

    Luis Muñoz Marín, the Popular Party candidate and first elected Governor of Puerto Rico, established Spanish as the language of instruction in all grades. English was to be taught for one period a day as a second language. Spanish was the fisrt language up to the ninth grade.
  • 1949-1950

    The Commissioner of Education Dr. Mariano Villaronga decrees vernacular teaching at all levels of the public school.
  • Bilingual Education Act

    The President Johnson signs the U.S. Bilingual Education Act or Title VII.
  • 1970- 1980 Neorican were trained

    The Department of Public Education from Puerto Rico trained migrants or "Neoricans" to teach English in Puerto Rico. The Department for Education as universities, have applied for funds to meet the needs of students who regresande the United States to the island.
  • 1972-1976

    Projects were develop for Bilingual Education in schools.
  • United States Funds

    United States provides funding for the purpose of establishing bilingual education programs, such as: Title VII, Migrant Students Programs, Bilingual Vocational Programs, Adult Education Programs, Special Programs for Disadvantaged Students at University Level and Program (FIPSE)
  • 1979-1980

    Puerto Ricans entered 84.834 schools require these special services had 59.810 students.
  • Projects Approved By The Department of Education

    The Department of Educaction in Puerto Rico approved four projects for universities to development in Bilingual Education from the following: Metroplitan University, Sacred Heart University and University of Turabo.
  • 1991 "Spanish Only" Legislation (Law number 4)

    In 1991, as Congress seriously considered both statehood for Puerto Rico and English Only legislation for the federal government, the island's legislature voted to repeal Puerto Rico's official bilingualism and replace it with Spanish as the sole official language. Gobernor Rafael Hernández Colón declared Spanish the main language of Puerto Rico.
  • 1991-1992

    Project Sucess and Project CEMI are created to strenghten language art skillswith limited proficency in Spanish andenglish. These projects utilzes strategies of using computers, and or operation of the Tutoring parents to Enforce the Education of their children. Also provides training on the use and management of the computer in classrooms.
  • 1993 Pro Statehood Party Language Policy

    This law revoked and substituted the Law Number 4, April 5, 1991) recognized both English and Spanish as official languages of Puerto Rico. Projects fron Bilingual Education becomes autonomous.
  • 1997-1998

    Governor Pedro Roselló established an official Act in which English and Spanish will be considered the official language of Puerto Rican Island.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

  • Begin Bilingual Education Programs

    Puerto Rico's academic year began with the launching of a pilot project to teach several subjects in 32 schools in English and which is atended to encompass the entire education system within 10 years. Had lunched Empowering Children for the 21st Century for Middle level and High schools and Bilingual Education for the 21st Century for the elementary school.