Galileo spacecraft

Projects in Space

  • Critical Space Stations

  • The Skylab

    Program Name: The Skylab
    Mission: For research
    Significance: American's first spacecraft to ever go into space.
    No significant date
  • Space Shuttles

    Significant Spacecraft and Missions:
    Columbia: April 12, 1981
    Atlantis: July 21, 2011
  • Sputnik, Mercury, and Gemini

    Program Name: The Sputnik, Mercury, and Gemini Programs
    Mission: -----
    Spacecraft: The Sputnik, Mercury, and Gemini
    Significance: -----
    Sputnik 1 was launched on October 4, 1957
  • Pioneer Mission

    Program Name: Pioneer Mission
    Mission: Studied Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon
    Spacecraft: Pioneer 1-12
    Significance: Took the best pictures of space and studied the Moon.
    Pioneer 1 was launched into space on August 17, 1958
  • The Venera Probes

    Program Name: The Venera Mission
    Mission: To study Venus
    Spacecraft: The Venera Probes 1-15 (No #3)
    Significance: Collected Venus material and brought it back
    Program started from February 12, 1961 to July 10, 1984
  • The Mariner Program

    Program Name: The Mariner Program
    Mission: To take pictures of the solar system.
    Spacecraft: Mariner 1-10
    Significance: Traveled to Venus and were the first to take pictures in space.
    First Mariner was launched on July 22, 1962
  • The Salyut

    Program Name: The Salyut
    Mission: To break records in space
    Spacecraft: The Salyut
    Significance: Maybe the first spacecraft to ever go into low Earth orbit.
    Launched on April 19, 1971
  • The Viking Spacecraft

    Program Name: The Viking
    Mission: To study Mars and take pictures
    Spacecraft: The Viking Spacecraft 1 and 2
    Significance: Studied Mars and took pictures.
    Viking 1 takes its first picture on July 20, 1976
  • The Voyager Probes

    Program Name: The Voyager Missions
    Mission: To observe the planets in our solar system
    Spacecraft: The Voyager Probes 1-12
    Significance: Searched for life on other planets; found none
    Voyager 1 launched September 5, 1977
  • Mir

    Program Name: Mir
    Mission: To set space records
    Spacecraft: Mir
    Significance: The Soviet Union/Russia created the Mir, which had followed the success of the Salyut
    Launched on February 20, 1986
  • Magellan Spacecraft

    Program Name: The Magellan Spacecraft
    Mission: To gain information about Venus.
    Spacecraft: The Magellan Spacecraft
    Significance: Almost fully mapped out Venus and it's geographical structure.
    Launched on May 4, 1989
  • Galileo Spacecraft

    Program Name: Galileo Spacecraft Mission
    Mission: To observe Jupiter
    Spacecraft: The Galileo Spacecraft
    To observe Jupiter and take pictures of Jupiter and its moons. Gathered information of Jupiter's surface and chemicals.
    Launched off on October 18, 1989
  • Hubble Space Telescope

    Program Name: The Hubble Program
    Mission: Launched to study galaxies and the solar system.
    Spacecraft: The Hubble Space Telescope
    Significance: Helped our understanding of galaxies.
    Launched on April 25th, 1990. Even now, the Hubble Space Telescope is still collecting data.
  • NEAR Mission

    Program Name: The NEAR Mission
    Mission: To orbit and land on an asteroid
    Spacecraft: NEAR Shoemaker
    Significance: Learned more about asteroids
    Landed on the asteroid on February 17, 1996
  • Mars Exploration Rover

    Program Name: Mars Exploration Rover
    Mission: To explore the surface of Mars.
    Spacecraft: The Mars Exploration Rover
    Significance: Took pictures of Mars, and collected samples from Mars.
    Sojourner, the first US rover landed on Mars on July 4, 1997
  • Cassini Mission

    Program Name: The Cassini Mission
    Mission: The main task was to explore Saturn and its major moons, such as Titan
    Spacecraft: The Cassini Spacecraft
    To gather data of Saturn and its moons. Explored Titan, one of the moons, and found several interesting facts
    Launched off on October 15, 1997
  • Genesis Spacecraft

    Program Name: Genesis Spacecraft Project
    Mission: To gather solardust and solarwind
    Spacecraft: The Genesis Spacecraft
    To observe the sun and take samples of solarwind and solardust. Wanted to learn more about the Sun.
    Launched off on August 8, 2001