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Timeline created by Damià Pou
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  • Leyla's birth

    Leyla's birth
    She was born in Detroit. It was a hot day. Her parents wanted a but a girl came out. She love the mexican food. He play the piano.
  • Damià's birth

    Damià's birth
    He born in Igualada on Catalunya. It was a rain day. He play handball. He loves play the computer games and play with her dog.
  • Vakka's birth

    Vakka's birth
    He born in Barcelona on Catalunya. It was a cold day. She love doing sport. She is a professional playing the guitar.
  • Jorge's birth

    Jorge's birth
    He born in Toronto. It was a snow day. He play basketball. He loves bananas. He play the dummer.
  • When we met

    When we met
    It was a very special day. Since that day they are inseparable.
  • Our first song!!!

    Our first song!!!
    They are a very special song for the group. They were very nervous about that
  • When we become famouse (joke)

    When we become famouse (joke)
    we never will become famouse