Programing History

  • Plankalkül

    Designed to be for enginering purposes, Konrad Zuse created PlanKalkül or Plan Calculus.
  • Fortron

    Developed by IBM to be used for scientific and enginering aplications. the name was derived from formula translating system.
  • MATH-MATIC not done

    Charles Katz created this intending it to be an improvment upon Fortron,
  • Lisp

    The name was derived from list processing, John McCarthy and Steve Russell created a "practical Mathmatical notaion for computer Programs"

    Created at a Conference on Data Systems Languages based on Grace Hoppers work, COmmon Buissness Language (where the scronym comes from) was developed to be a buissness oriented program.
  • RPG

    IBM created the Report Program Generator to generate reports from data files, including matching record and sub-total reports.
  • Basic

    Developed by John G. Kenay and Thomas E. Kurtz to be an easy program for people to use. Called Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction code.
  • LOGO

    Daniel G. Bobrow, Wally Feurzeig, Seymour Papert, and Cynthia Soloman, colaberated to make this program to teach concepts of programing related to Lisp. The name comes from the Greek logos meaning word or thought.
  • B

    B was created by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. The program was based upon BCPL(where it got its name) and was created to be a basic program that could fit into the memory of the time.
  • ML

    Started by Robin Miller it is a MetaLanguage (where it gets it name) created to develop proof tactics in LCF therom prover.

    Nikalaus Wirth created this program to encourage good programing practices using structured programing and data structuring. Named in honor of the french mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal.
  • C

    C was created by Dennis Ritchie between 1969-1973 as a general purpose code. It was his idea of on improvement on B so he called it C.
  • SQL

    Structured Query Language was developed int 1974 by Donald D CHamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce to managed data held in a RDBMS or a relational database management system.
  • C++

    Developed in 1979 by Bjarne Slroustrup it was created to add object-oriented programing into C. Originally called C With Class the name was changed to C++ to insinuate that it was better than C.
  • ADA

    Early 1980's Dr. Jean Ichbiah in France created a general purpose program called ADA after Ayda Bryant who is credited as the first programer.
  • Python

    A general use, High-level programing language designed by Guido Van Possan and a successor to ABC programing language.
  • Visual Basic

    Developed by Microsoft as a drag and drop design inspired by Basic to make programing easier for the everyday person. It was named based on its basis off of Basic.
  • Java

    Jmes Gosling, Mike Sheridon, and Patrick Naughton created Java to be a program that you "write once, run everywhere". It was named after Java coffee.
  • PHP

    Personal Home Page, was created by Rasmas Lerdorf to originally maintain his homepage but it grew into a general use program.
  • Java script

    Created by Brendon Eich, he made a "prototype-based scripting language" based upon Java, calling it JavaScript.