Product Evolution Timeline

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  • when the first car was born

    when the first car was born
    it first started with carl benz when he appiled for a patent for his vechicle powered by gas his patent number was 37435 some people call it the birth certificate of the first gas powered automobile this was alos dissplayed in the news paper for the sighting of one of the 3 benz pantent motor car model no. 1.
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford
    Henry Ford was one of the first people to get into the car bussiness and one of the most popular/ doing well and was successful in creating the first american gasoline vechile and won the first american race in 1896 and went on to make their first sell of american cars the next year Henry Ford itroduced the modle t which did very well and 485 companies joined the next decade in car bussiness in 1908
  • The 1901 merdedes

    The 1901 merdedes
    the 1901 mercedes desgined by wilhelm maybach for daimler motoren was credited for being the first modern car with thirty-five horsepower engine and it only weighed fourteen pounds per horsepower it alos reached top speed of fifty-three miles per hou
  • World War II

    World War II
    the automobile industury had a big effect on world war II and world war I automobile compaines turned millions of cars into war vehicles such as ford or gm because of the manfacture of vehicles for citizens market crashed in 1942 there were alot of vechiles that were junked and then were patched up and made into vehicles for world war II
  • rise of japan automobile makers

    rise of japan automobile makers
    the japanese were building cars during a questional able era it was after the war so it was really questionalble they builed were similar cars to ford but they were a tiny bit smaller then fords cars after peaking sales of 12.8 million sales in 1978 sales of american cars fell to 6.8 million these was when the japanese makers rised
  • American automobile response

    American automobile response
    in response American automobile industry in 1980 underwent a massive organizational restructuring and technological renaissence and it created plant cut backs at GM,Ford,and Chrysler resuled in leaner tougher firms with lower break-even points with lower coluems in saturated cars became smaller more fuel efficient less polluting and much safer
  • present day cars

    present day cars
    today present cars have becomed more like we have expected they have becomed more electric cars more safer auto driving bullet proof cars can contorl ac with phone move car with phone and harder window today cars have became as we expected for dealing with technology and safer for the enviorment