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  • Venezuela

    It was another process in which Venezuelans seek to get rid of the Spaniards to protect their freedom and independence.
    And the wars was: the war of Hispanic independence in 1808, the war of the international blockade of Venezuela in 1902, the war of the naval blockade in Venezuela in 1908 and the war guerrillas in Venezuela in 1962.
  • Colombia

    The independence of Colombia was a process of so to say of who remained with the power and the wars were: the Colombian civil war in the year of 1851, the second Colombian civil war in 1854, the third Colombian civil war of 1860, the fourth Colombian civil war of 1876, the fifth Colombian civil war in 1884 and the last war of Colombia before becoming independent that it was in the year 1895
  • Paraguay

    It was a process of changes where the people of Paraguay in a few words the Paraguayans got tired of being of the Spanish and became independent.
    And finally the wars was: the war of the Portuguese invasion in the year of 1811, then the triple alliance war occurred in the year 1864 and finally the last war of Paraguay. Chaco War in 1932.
  • Argentina

    Argentina's declaration of independence was given through a speech that was given at the important congress in Tucuman.
    The wars of Argentina were: the triple alliance war in 1865, the war to conquer the desert in 1878 and the Falklands war in 1982.
  • Chile

    The independence of Chile was when the Chileans in a few words got rid of the Spanish empire in Chile itself, they exploited them from Chile. In Chile there was the war of the Pincheira brothers in 1827, the war against the Peruvian confederation in 1836, the Iquicha war in 1839, the war of the occupation of Arucania in 1861 and finally the war of Pacific in the year 1879.
  • Ecuador

    The independence of Ecuador was a legislative process that was started mainly so that Ecuador can break ties with the Royal Court of Quito. In Ecuador there were many wars such as the Cauca War in 1832, the Peruvian-Ecuadorian War in 1865, the Thousand Day War in 1899 and the last war which is the second Peruvian-Ecuadorian War in 1941.
  • Perú

    The famous independence of Peru occurred since General San Martin proclaimed its independence through wars and conquests, so the independence of Peru is a very important chapter in Latin America.
    In Peru there were many wars and these are: the Grancolombo-Peruvian war in 1828, the war between Peru and Bolivia in 1841, the first Peruvian-Ecuadorian war in 1858, the Colombian-Peruvian war in 1932, the second Colombian-Ecuadorian War in 1941 and the Cenepa War in 1995.
  • Uruguay

    And finally, the independence of Uruguay occurred in a congress in Florida that was integrated by the respective council representatives, that is, the top leaders at that time. And in the best known Uruguay there were the wars of: triple threat in a few words the triple threat war in 1865, the platinum war in 1851 and the best known that in reality all countries participate, but this country is Uruguay. It was very important in this war as it did too much in the 1945 war.
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