• Sputnik

    The Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth called Sputnik.
  • Piloted Space Flight

    Piloted Space Flight
    The first piloted space flight was made. This orbited the Earth.
  • Apolo 11

    Apolo 11
    Two astronauts (Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong) landed Apolo 11 on the moon.
  • Apolo Cancelled

    Apolo Cancelled
    The NASA Apolo lunar program was cancelled.
  • Colombia

    The USA space shuttle (Colombia) blasted off.
  • Challanger

    The Challlanger tore apart in mid-air.
  • Period: to

    Soviet Union Cosmonauts

    A Soviet cosmonaut spant 366 consecutive days orbiting the earth.
  • Flights Resumed

    Flights Resumed
    Flights resumed in NASA after the Colombia got redesigned.
  • Colombia's Second Try

    Colombia's Second Try
    THe colombia broke a part as it reentered the Earth's Atmosphere.
  • NASA Stops Temporarily

    NASA Stops Temporarily
    The United States NASA program didn't launch anything until then.