Presidents Unit

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  • Carter announced his candidacy for president

    Carter announced his candidacy for president
    Carter won by 297 electoral votes 241 for Ford.
  • Energy Policy Speech

    Energy Policy Speech
    During these hard times our natural sources have seemed to be shriking. Sources such as natural gas and oil, therefore the president was looking at solar powered energy and coal energy in order our lives to remain the same. If people did not act soon there would be a social and economic consequences that would follow.
  • Panama Treaty Canal

    Panama Treaty Canal
    Because citizens of Panama wanted to control the canal, they started to form riots. So, this treaty gives the U.S full control who passes through it and to protect it from citizen attacks.
  • War between Egypt and Israel

    War between Egypt and Israel
    In the fall of 1978, Carter invited Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egypt's President Anwar Sadat to sit down with Carter at Camp David, a rural presidential retreat outside Washington. There, with president Carter, they settled their dispute.
  • Iran Hostage Crisist

    Iran Hostage Crisist
    Islamic students took captive American students and held them for hostages, untill they were sure that their leader Shah's was returned safely to Iran. Carter failed to free the hostages.
  • Russia invades Afghanistan

    Russia invades Afghanistan
    Russian remouved, Amin, a communist leader by using guerilla strategies.
  • Expanding Alaska's national Parks

    He signed Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act to protect the land of the national park, conserving the national monuments, forests and wild life.
  • Reagan's Inauguration

    Reagan's Inauguration
    He gave his speech unpon becoming the New president of the United States
  • Air Traffic Controller Strike

    Air Traffic Controller Strike
    PATCO walked off their jobs, thus setting off a chian of events that changed labor relations in Ameica.The president firmyl believe that the stikers had violated tha law, so he terminated their jobs. They were simply damanding for higher wages.
  • H.W. Bush inaguration

    H.W. Bush inaguration
    He became president
  • Tearing Down of the Berlin wall

    Tearing Down of the Berlin wall
    United Germany it was a symbolical way of showing the end of communism.
  • Iraq invadedKuwait

    Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq, had long held designs on Kuwait's land, wealth, and oil. The U.S was not satissfied with the fact that Hussein was incontrol of more oil
  • Clean Air Act

    It focused on three aspects of clean air: reducing urban smog, curbing acid rain, and eliminating industrial emissions of toxic chemicals.It forced businessed to find other wais of producing goods at a more environmentaly friendly way.
  • Congress Allows the use of millitary force against Iraq

    The vote was a big gain for BUSH
  • Operations Desert Shield

    Arab countries were getting worried about a big world war. Therefore, president Bush ordered the deployment of troops to the desert kingdowm. By that he wanted to restore Kuwait's governament, but Iraq did not want to remouve his troops from Kuwait. That is why the UN Security Council passed a resolution that demamnded the evacuation of Irq from Kuwait.
  • Promissed not to raise taxes

    Bush was forced to raise taxes in the country because it was the only way of cutting down deficit spending and government expneditures.
  • DOn't ask don't tell

    End of exclusion of homosexuals from military service
  • Clinton's inauguration

    Clinton became president

    Senate passed the North American Free Trade Agreement which eliminated tariff barriers between Mexico, California and the United States which created a lot of jobs
  • Rwanda

    Clinton did not take any action in the genocide in Rwanda
  • American Disabilitied Act

    This act fobid the discrimination based on disability in employment, public accommodations, and transportation
  • Health Care

    Clinton failed to realize a major goal of his administration: affordable health care insurance for every American. This was a very socialistic move!!
  • Soviet's need help

    Clinton helped Russia with financial aid. By funding for nuclear power plants and the dismantrling of nuclear weapons. This helped realtions between U.S and Russia
  • George W. Bush first inauguration

    He told American's that we will become more united and that schools would be organized.
  • Tax cuts

    Although no one believed that taxes would be lowered, Bush was able to lower the taxes for everyone. Peopple mostly re-elected bush because they were hoping for another tax cut.
  • 9/11 terrorist attack the Twin Towers

    2 planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York. In total 2819 people died.
  • War Begins in Afghanistan

    The U.S decides to go to war after the 9/11 attacks. They want to free the Afghani people of powerful dictators. It was a very unpopular war.
  • No Child Left Behaind Act

    It expanded the federal role in education and took particular aim at improving the educational lot of disadvantaged students.
  • Bushe's second Inauguration

    His biggest obsticle that he had to go through it keeping Americans safe from terrorist attacks.
  • Economy strted failing

    Incomes started to decrease, house prices were high, jobs were moving to other countries, and outsourcing started to become a national phenomenon.
  • Sadam Husein death

    One of the biggest terrorist leader killed.
  • Bush signed with College Affordability Bill

    Designed to make college more affordable for students from poor to middle-class families.
  • TARP

    Enacted by Bush passed under Obama . U.S gov. to perchase assets and equity from finacial institutions.
  • Obama's Inauguration

    "A New Birth of Freedom" was his motto.
  • Health Care Reform

    Businesses required to provide helth care to workers. Passed.
  • Same Sex marriage

    Obama supports gay marriage.
  • Economic Crisist

    Obama had to deal with the failing economy. The unemployment rate was 10%. Therefore, Obama wanted an 8 million stimulus package to help out state gov.