Millard Fillmore

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  • Born

    He was born on January 7, 1800, in Summerhill, New York, to Nathaniel Fillmore and Phoebe Millard. Also he was the 3rd out of 9 children.
  • education

    New Hope Academy, is where he went to school, that's also where he met abigail.
  • employment

    At age 15, he was apprenticed to a cloth maker by his father to keep the family solvent.
  • Family

    Millard fillmore got married to abigail, they got married on and they had two children. Mary Abigail Fillmore and Millard Powers Fillmore. He fell in love with abigail because their student / teacher bond grew close and closer everyday.
  • politics

    in 1828 he became part of the anti masonic party, in 1833 he became part of the whigs party, and in 1855 he became a part of the Know - Nothing party.
  • Before presidency

    Before presidency
    Though Fillmore personally opposed slavery, he saw the Compromise as necessary to preserving the Union and enforced its strong Fugitive Slave Act during his presidency.
  • presidency

    Millard Fillmore was the 13th President of the United States, the last to be a member of the Whig Party while in the White House. A former U.S. Representative from New York, Fillmore was elected the nation's 12th Vice President in 1848, and was elevated to the presidency by the death of Zachary Taylor. his presidency ended in 1853.
  • during his presidency

    during his presidency
    Fillmore was not elected to a second term as president. He wasn't even nominated by the Whig Party. Soon the Whig Party fell apart, earning Fillmore the nickname "Last of the Whigs". In 1856, he ran again for president and was nominated by the Know-Nothing Party. He came in a distant third place.
  • legacy

    It is often said that the best compromise is the type that pleases none of the compromisers. By the end of his presidency, Millard Fillmore knew this all too well. By championing the Compromise of 1850, he can be credited for keeping America from civil war for more than a decade.
  • death

    He died at home on March 8, 1874 because of a stroke.