By Linda5
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    That year when President Carter brought Egyptain president El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Begin to Camp David. It took thirteen days for them to have an agreement on a Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel.
  • Iraqan Hostage Message

    Iraqan Hostage Message
    When 52 americans were taken captive in Iraq and were not releaced a year later. The reason for its becoming was that they were doing it was for Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
  • Aids

    It was that people were having unprotected sex. Because of that there they couldn't find a cure for 33 years.
  • Space Shuttle Explosion

    Space Shuttle Explosion
    When seven people voleenenter to go out into space. But when they got launch with 70 seconds they shuttle exploded on national tv!
  • Iran Affair

    Iran Affair
    It was when people found out that President Reagan was giving military weapons to the people in Iran!!
  • Assassination Attempt

    Assassination Attempt
    Someone tried to kill President Reagan, but Jhon Hinckely, jr missed his heart. Which means that Reagan broke the 20 year cure!
  • Berlin Wall Falls

    Berlin Wall Falls
    When president Bush decieds that he wants to take down the Berlin Wall. He didn't want East and West Germany to be seperated anymore.
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    Gulf War

    It all started when 100,000 Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait. It ended by president Bush decided to ceasefire and that Kuwait doesn't have to work at Iraqi any more.

    When Canada, Mexico, and the United States signed an agreement. They did a trilateral trade bloc in North America so the means " American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't support this agreement." - Cliton
  • Monica Lewinksy

    Monica Lewinksy
    She was having an affair with President Cliton which caused him to be the second president to be impeached. She was an unpaid intern when she got the job. She was soon moved to the Pentagon because of how "close" they have gotten.
  • Sex Sandals

    Sex Sandals
    When two women claim that they were having an affair with Bill Cilnton. He was found guilty on Paula Jones, but he was then impeached when they found about Gennifer Flowers.
  • Bosina and Kosovo

    Bosina and Kosovo
    A woman named Margaret Thatcher wanted to use NATO on Yugoslavia. It was another way of representing Hitler with "madness of Nazism".
  • 9/11 crash landing

    9/11 crash landing
    In New York there was a tragic attack with the World Trade Center. Two terrosist take planes to new york and crash land into the towers; with passageners along.
  • War in Afghanistan

    War in Afghanistan
    A month after the tragity president Bush wasn't going to sit around and do nothing about it. So we have been going in war with Afghanistan fir 12 years (and still going).
  • "Axis of Evil"

    "Axis of Evil"
    Those words were used by President G. Bush when the government was accusing him of helping terroist. He picked Iran, Iraq, and North Korea to be the worst place with them just caring about their weapons instead of the starving people.
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    War in Iraq

    Later within the years Iraq decide to join in on the Afghanistan war conflict. After 9 years in war with Iraq they decided to end it. For that reason is "Operation Iraqian Freedom" was over for the people in Iraq.
  • "Don't ask, Don't tell"

    "Don't ask, Don't tell"
    President Obama decide to make a policy on gays joining the army. Don't ask, don't tell is when you don't tell anyone that you are gay, and to not ask some if they are gay.
  • Obama Care

    Obama Care
    The Obamacare is for people who can't get medical help. Because of this care more then 25 million pople chose Obamacare. It is also illegal for women to pay more on medication then the men.