• the paleolithic

    the paleolithic
    the beginning of prehistory
  • the firt stone tools

    the firt stone tools
    the beginning of the tools
  • the first hunts

    the first hunts
    the beginnings of hunting
  • the first clothes

    the first clothes
    the beginning of clothing
  • the first rumaning paintings

    the first rumaning paintings
    this rumaning painting are ointed in coves
  • the neolithic

    the neolithic
    the beginning of the Neolithic
  • stone tools of nelithic

    stone tools of nelithic
    this is the stone tools of Neolithic
  • clothes of neolithic

    clothes of neolithic
    neolithic clothing
  • the first monuments

    the first monuments
    are three diferent monuments in the Neolithic
  • the second monument

    the second monument
    this is the dolmen
  • this is the third

    this is the third
    this is thr ctonlech