Predicting Reading Responses

By erivas
  • Predicting....Guessing

    *Predict the outcome of a story using picture clues.
    *Predict the outcome of a story with repeated text.
    *You can try and guess what you think will hapen in the story.
  • Making Predictions

    Making Predictions
    When we make predictions in a story we can say one of the following....
  • I think....

    I think....
  • I bet...

    I bet...
  • Period: to

    Making Predictions

  • Adios Oscar

    Adios Oscar
    I will introduce the book, Adios Oscar. I will ask the students questions.
    *What do you think this book is about?
    *Is it a happy or sad book?
  • Class preditions

  • Questions

    I will stop and ask questions through out the book.
  • End of the book

    I will have a discussion with the class about the predictions we made. Was the prdeiction correct? Yes or NO
    I will imput the information into the time line with our predictions and the actual outcome of the story.