Pre- American Revolution Timeline

  • End of French & Indian War

    End of French & Indian War
    The English win the battle for colonial domination of Caribbean, India and North America. However, the English's debt nearly destroyed their government, causing tensions leading to Revolutionary War.
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  • Period: to

    Causes of American Revolution

  • The Sugar Act

    The Sugar Act
    The Sugar Act lowered taxes on molasses to three pence a gallon, taxed on goods such as sugar, coffee, printed calico, wine, and pimiento, and reduced trade with all important ports for farm products, lumber, and flour.
  • The Currency Act

    The Currency Act
    Parliament passed the Currency Act to assume control of the system of currency. It prohibited any new bills and reissue of existing currency. Colonies protested because they suffered trade deficit with Great Britain, but they were unsuccessful.
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  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act
    The Stamp Act applied certain stamp duties in American plantations and British colonies.
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  • The Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre
    The Boston Massacre was a fight between British soldiers and a mob of “patriots” that started from attack of British sentinel, and led to evacuation of army from Boston by the Royal Governor.
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  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    Three ships importing tea were raided by townspeople before the taxes were collected. 342 chests of tea were tossed overboard.
  • Intolerable Acts

    Intolerable Acts
    Containing 5 acts which prohibited goods from being shipped to the port in Boston, giving justice for people being questioned about acts in execution of the law and the reduction of riots in Massachusetts Bay, better regulation of government in Massachusett's Bay, an act similar to the Quartering Act of 1765 which punished desertion and mutiny and gave better army payment, and finally made effectual Provision for the Government of the Province of Quebec.
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  • The Association

    The Association
    The Association was prohibition of export, import, and consumption of goods through trade with Great Britain.
  • Battle of Lexington & Concord

    Battle of Lexington & Concord
    General Gage sent out British soldiers to capture leaders Sam Adams and John Hancock, and get gunpowder. However, spies and friends found out, and told of their coming and the battle began.
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  • Battle at Bunker Hill

    Battle at Bunker Hill
    American troops were sent from Artemas Ward to go to Bunker Hill and attack British ships in the Boston Harbour. However, the troops misunderstood and went to Breed’s Hill. The British saw them and attacked, beginning the battle.
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  • Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"

    Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"
    "Common Sense" was a book written by Thomas Paine about the authority of royal monarchy and British government. It was the first work to ask for independence from Great Britain.
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  • Declaration Of Independence

    Declaration Of Independence
    Document written to declare independence from Great Britain.
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