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PR Training

  • Period: to

    Public Records Training

    Converting existing resources to a consistent format, create courses that refer to existing resources
  • Meeting - Progress Report

    Approval of Project Proposal
  • Record Captivate Examples

    Record Captivates with Holly
  • Reference Guides Completed

  • Reference Guide Approval

    SME review and approve updates to Reference Guides Due
  • Meeting - Progress Report

  • Design Outline Completed

    Outline of the program and courses to be built
  • Meeting - Progress Report

  • Design Approval due

    Approver review and approve updates to Design
  • Demonstrate the Overview of a Public Record

    Format and outline of what the program will look like, Demonstration of one course used with the reference guide to provide glimpse as to the rest of the program structure
  • Course Outline/Schedule Approval Due

    Approval of templates, course outline due, updated program structure based on Demonstration feedback
  • Meeting - Progress Report

  • Development Completed

    All training materials completed
  • Meeting - Progress Report

  • Material Review Due, Delivery completed

    SME review and approve content, Materials will be sent to the SME for review as they are completed, but this is the due date for reviewing all materials
  • Approval of final drafts

    Updates made based on SME review, Approver review and approve final version of materials