Post-Romantic Era

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  • Birth of Debussy

    Birth of Debussy
    He created Impressionism in the 1890's.
  • Birth of Satie

    Birth of Satie
  • Birth of Rachmaninoff

    Birth of Rachmaninoff
  • Birth of Schoenberg

    Birth of Schoenberg
  • Period: to

    Post-Romantic Era

    In this Era, woodwind, string, percussion, brass, and piano sections were common.
    Unlike in previous periods of music, this Era had melodies that were not required to follow any strict pattern.
    Harmony did not follow any preset rules and was often used to give the music character. Dissonance also became common in this timeframe.
    Ternary and Binary music became popular during this timeframe.
    Most of this Era was spent branching away from the Romantic Era of music and creating new compositions.
  • Rachmaninoff's 'The Rock' Premiered

  • Votey Creates the Pianola

  • Founding of The London Symphony Orchestra.

  • Schoenberg's 'Kammersymphonie' Premieres

  • Debussy's 'Petite Suite' Premieres

  • Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 2 Premiered

  • Schoenberg Publishes 'Book of Hanging Gardens'

  • Debussy's 'Printemps, Suite Symphonique' Premieres

  • Period: to

    World War One

  • Russian Revolution

  • Satie's 'Rag-time Parade' Premieres

  • Death of Debussy

    Death of Debussy
  • First AM Radio Broadcast by KDKA

  • Satie's 'Furnishing music: prefectural cabinet hanging' Premieres

  • Death of Satie

    Death of Satie
  • Rachmaninoff's Death

    Rachmaninoff's Death
  • Death of Schoenberg

    Death of Schoenberg