Popular Music Styles

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  • Beginning of Country Music (1920s)

    Country music has its origins in the songs of the Appalachian Mountains, but by the early 1920s, it was developing into a new musical genre, popular in the Southern states.
  • Big Band Swing Music(1930s)

    By the 1930s, jazz had led to the birth of a new genre, big band swing music. These were large bands, producing lively dance music.
  • Beginning of R&B(1940s)

    Rhythm & Blues or R&B began in the 1940s, relying on the sounds of blues music. R&B was marketed primarily to African-Americans and was characterized by a strong beat, with influences from more traditional blues music
  • Beginning of Rock Music(Early 1950s)

    Rock music began in the early 1950s, relying on various musical genres, including blues, jazz and gospel, as well as country music. By the mid- to late-1950s, this music was largely guitar driven, and eventually fueled a growing youth culture.
  • Contemporary Folk Music(1960s)

    The mid-1960s saw the revival of folk music, integrating various musical traditions from around the world. This was not the first revival, but is the one most closely associated with modern music.
  • Beginning of Rap(Early 1970s)

    Rap and hip-hop music have their origins in house parties in 1970s New York City. These musical genres initially relied upon the beats found in funk, soul and disco records, but provided a new and exciting form of expression.