Popular Music over the Decades

  • Period: to

    Jazz Music

    Started in the streets of New Orleans by brass bands, then developed in the 20th century through the introduction of a trumpet and compete in public contest.
  • Latin American Music

    Started in Cuba, fusion of Spanish popular music and African Rhythm.
  • POP Music

    Started becoming popular in the early 1900's through the introduction of dance halls which were venues for people to enjoy music and dance.
  • Period: to

    Film Music

    Started by Charlie Chaplin who compased his own music for soundtracks
  • Influence of Second World War

    WW2 Influenced the type of music people listened to. People listened to fast and frantic music. Dances such as the boggie-woggie and jutter-bug were born.
  • Start of Jamaican and Reggae Music

  • Period: to

    Technology Advances

    Invention of guitar pickups to go in acoustic guitars so they could be Amplitifed
    The invention of the Fender telecaster- The First Electric Guitar
    Invention of new microphones and amplifiers allowing performances to be held live.
  • Period: to

    Rock n Roll

    The 50s was the decade when Rock 'n' Roll became extremely popular. Elvis Presley was one of the biggest influence of Rock n Roll
  • Composer Igor Stravinsky - Begining of Romantic Music

  • Period: to

    Swinging Sixites

    Fashion was influenced by music. Diverse change in fashion and people could afford it due to the economic boom.
  • The Beach Boys toured Australia

  • Protest Movement- the song Smiley was made inspired by Australia Fighting in Vietnam

  • Contemporary classical music

  • Disco Music of the 70s

  • Post war avant-garde

  • Period: to

    80's Music

    R n B, Hip Hop and Urban Music started coming through and becoming popular
  • Band Aid Live Concert- Charity