Poppy L 6RM

  • Jan 1, 1377

    Robin Hood's first mention

    Robin Hood's first mention
    Whether Robin Hood is fact or fiction is unknown.
  • Jan 1, 1491

    King Henry VIII is born

  • Jan 1, 1570

    Guy Fawkes's birth

    Guy Fawkes's birth
    Born 1570 in York, England.
  • Guy Fawkes dies

    Guy Fawkes dies
    The immoral Guy Fawkes, Who tried to blow up parliament, died through being hung, drawn and quatered. After and before he'd been hung, he had to write his signature (they were VERY different)
  • Macbeth is written!

    The astounding Shakespeare wrote my favourite play, Macbeth. This is all about tragedy, trators, insanity and most importantly...GORE!
  • Guy Fawkes tries to blow up Parliament

    Guy Fawkes tries to blow up Parliament
    Including 12 other Caatholics, on the fifth of November, Guy Fawkes tried (unsucseedingly) to blow up parliament.
  • Edward Jenner's birth

    Edward Jenner's birth
    Edward Jenner, who was born in 1749, invented the miracle cure for smallpox, which was (ironically) catching cowpox!
  • Edward Jenner cures smallpox

    Edward Jenner cures smallpox
    Finally! Using cow pox pus, Jenner cured the life threatening smallpox that threatened thousands.
  • Edward Jenner's death

    Edward Jenner's death
  • Queen Elisabeth II's birth

    Queen Elisabeth II's birth
  • World war two is declared

    World war two is declared
    Britain was at the end of it's tether. Therefore, when Germany stiked Poland, WW2 was declared.

    In 1945, after an arguous six years of fighting, we finally won world war two!
  • Queen Elisabeth II becomes Queen

    Queen Elisabeth II becomes Queen
    her majesty, the queen.
  • Queen's Grandson Marries.

    Queen's Grandson Marries.
    The Queens grandson, William, got married on 14th April 2011 to Kate Middleton.