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  • -500 BCE

    First Postal Service of The World

    First Postal Service of The World
    Arose with the purpose of reporting events as religious and information about the time.
  • Invention of The Telegraph

    Invention of The Telegraph
    Telegraph is a system that was created in the eighteenth century with the purpose of transmitting messages from one point to another over long distances. Telegraphs use codes so that information is transmitted reliably and quickly
  • First Self Photo

    First Self Photo
    Self portrait of Robert Cornelius, a German chemist emigrated to Philadelphia in the United States of America. It was made in October or November 1839 with a technique that used silver on a copper plate.
  • Beginning of Mobile Phone Marketing

    Beginning of Mobile Phone Marketing
    At that time, cell phones were the size of bricks and only used to make phone calls.
  • Radio Broadcasts

    Radio Broadcasts
    Broadcasts to communicate events, possible disasters, news and audio soap operas.
  • Origin of The Term Pop Music

    Origin of The Term Pop Music
    it appeared long before the 1950s. It was in the United Kingdom, more precisely in 1926, that the term came to be used to designate a song that had a very popular range.
  • Pop Music Development

    Pop Music Development
    With strong influence from popular music movements such as jazz, soul, country and others, pop music was developing, but only a few years later it was consolidated.
  • Modified Singers Microphone

    Modified Singers Microphone
    The microphone used on stage had its design modified, allowing artists to reproduce their own singing style more.
  • Computer Creation

    Computer Creation
    the first computers used for work or storage occupied the space of an average living room.
  • Show Broadcast

    Show Broadcast
    With the emergence of television, the shows could be televised and this allowed a breakthrough in performances. The artists wanted to appear and impress. emergence of several influential groups: Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, The Platters group and many others.
  • The Young Guard

     The Young Guard
    teenagers who were influenced by rock and had a pop twist. It was the turn of the new generation: Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Rita Pavone, Aretha Franlkin, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bee Gees and others.
  • More Strangeness and The Subgenres

    More Strangeness and The Subgenres
    Pop music was influenced by many other styles that had emerged. The stages were bigger and the extravagances too. Pop music was breaking free and creating various sub-genres. Great artists emerged and were very successful. You sure have heard ABBA, Rod Stewart, or even pianist Elton John with their romantic ballads.
  • New Style of Clothes in Pop Music

    New Style of Clothes in Pop Music
    These years were remarkable for the new pop music. Michael Jackson and Madonna were the great protagonists of the decade and brought a new style to the music genre, which made them very successful.
    Madonna became known as the queen of pop and Michael Jackson as the king.
  • The Music Groups

    The Music Groups
    Pop's biggest milestone in the 1990s was the hugely successful music groups, the so-called “boy bands” and “girl bands” such as Backstreet boys, Nsync and Spice girls that were very successful among young people, setting trends across the board. sectors, from fashion to style of being.
  • World's First Social Network

    World's First Social Network
    The world's first social networking site is born: "Six Degrees", people create individual profiles and add others to their personal network. In 2001 Six Degrees is terminated forever.
  • The Pop Group Access

    The Pop Group Access
    some groups still continued, but soon after fell into success. It was a revolutionary decade for pop, revealing many artists who are still in the hit parade.
  • Linkedin Release and Friendster

    Linkedin Release and Friendster
    Used by professionals in order to present their skills, in a way that other professionals of the same company can endorse, giving credibility to the content. The service allowed users to contact other users, maintain these contacts, and share online content and media with those contacts. [5] The site was also used to date and discover new events, bands and hobbies. Users can share videos, photos, messages and comments with other users through profiles and networks.
  • Multiple Pop Releases

    Multiple Pop Releases
    The pop music of 2016 brought a lot of news and it was a year with a lot of pop for all tastes. The great consecrated artists had their space, as well as the youngest.