Political Events of the Civil War

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  • South Seceeds

    South Seceeds
    After many state conventions and the election of Lincoln, the southern states seceeded to form the Confederation
  • Lincoln's Inaguration

    Lincoln's Inaguration
    Abraham Lincoln was officially put into office as president and he began his crusade to reunite the nation.
  • On the Verge of War

    On the Verge of War
    Lincold declares a state of insurrection and enlists 75,000 men for the upcoming war.
  • Emancipation

    Abraham Lincoln enstated the preliminary Emancipation Proclomation as one of his big steps to freeing the slaves.
  • Riots

    Citizens of New York City rose into a large riot over Lincoln's approval of the Draft. The riot ended up becoming a race riot and around 100 balck people were killed.
  • Gettysburg

    Lincoln Delivers the Gettysburg Adress, declaring the he beleived that all people were equal which fundamentally proved to be another large step he took towards freeing the slaves.
  • Capitol Under Attack

    Capitol Under Attack
    Confederate forces under Jubal Early probe assault Washington D.C. forces, causing a high state of panic and alert in the capitol
  • Free at Last

    Free at Last
    Congress passes the 13th amendment, Abolishing slavery for good in the U.S.
  • Re-elected

    Lincoln is inagurated for his second term as president.
  • Surrender

    General Lee surrenders to General Grant at Appomattix, ending the war.
  • Period: to

    Civil War