By GTayag
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    Sir George Cayley invents concept of modern plane.
    He develops gliders with propellers.
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    Steam Powered Planes

    Samuel Pierpont Langley creates a series of Steam Powered Unmaned airplanes.
  • Wright Brothers

    Wright Brothers
    The Wirght Brothers successfully fly a powered, manned plane.
  • Controlled Flight

    Controlled Flight
    The Wright Brothers delevop a plane that has three-axis control and can land with out crashing.
  • Fighter Planes

    The British build the first fighter planes.
  • Better Engines

    New light weight, air cooled engines are made to make planes more efficient.
  • Boeing 247

    Boeing 247
    Boeing makes the first passenger planes.
  • Radar

    During WWII airplane radar is developed to help better detect enemy aircraft.
  • Area Rule

    Aeronautics Engineers in California develop the Area Rule to help make planes faster and smaller with out the use of large engines.
  • Commercial Planes

    Commercial Planes
    Boeing develops the 747 that can carry more passengers than previous models.