Pierre Duhem

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  • Birth of Pierre Duhem

    Pierre Duhem was born on June 9, 1861 in Cabrespine, France. Father, Pierre-Jospeh Duhem, and Mother, Alexandrine Fabre, Pierre was the oldest of four children.
  • The introduction of Pierre Duhem's educatorial knowledge

    The introduction of Pierre Duhem's educatorial knowledge
    In 1882, Pierre Duhem began at École normale supérieure as a first place examinee and studied both physics and an energeticist approach to physical chemistry. After the first doctoral thesis on physical chemistry was denied by Marcellin Berthelot, in 1888 Duhem completed his second thesis on a study of the theory of magnetism. From 1887 to 1916, Duhem taught at the University of Lille, Rennes, and Bordeaux never reaching his position in Paris.
  • L'évolution de la mécanique

    L'évolution de la mécanique
    Pierre Duhem wrote his paper on The Evolution of Mechanics in 1902. His documentary and evidentiary publication on the history of physics occurred in 1903. Duhem used his teachings of physics to express static via balance, the movement point systems, and either rigid or tables of the figure what constitutes Static and Dynamic set. Duhem believed that through uninterrupted practice or inconvenience it is possible to go between static and dynamic testing before the demonstration of its principles.
  • Les origines de la statique

    Les origines de la statique
    Written in 1903, published in 1905. In this two volume publication Duhem wrote about his discoveries pertaining to the early writings of one Niccolò Fontana Tartaglia and other scientists, explorers, and surveyors. Duhem explained that Tartaglia's discoveries and his writings along with others were never mentioned during the development of mechanics. Duhem further explained other discoveries as far back as the Middle Ages to include the law of leverage by Jordanis De Nemore.
  • Aim and Structure of Physical Theory

    Aim and Structure of Physical Theory
    With ideas on crucial experiments this publication was the most famous of Duhem's contributions to the philosophy of science. In this publication he expressed his position on the philosophy of science and his ideas of teaching physics. Duhem took a hard stance the "Newtonian Method", the possibility of crucial experiments in physical science, and whether the law of inertia is or is not viable to experimental verification. According to Duhem, he current methods caused disputes and controversies.
  • Duhem-Quine Thesis

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  • Death of Pierre Duhem

    Pierre Duhem died on September 14, 1916. Throughout his lifetime Duhem published almost 50 papers, roughly 13 books, and several appendixes. Duhem pushed the boundaries in several of his publications. It is unclear as to whether Duhem died of a heart attack or chest infection.