Physical Education

By bjulian
  • First U.S. Physical Education teacher

    Stemming from German gymnastics, the first prime development of PE in the world, Charles Beck became the first teacher of physical education in the United States. He recognized that exercise and games were important to a child's development.
  • First public gymnasium opens

    Charles Folen, one of the first leaders to teach German gymnastics as a type of physical education, opened up a public gymnasium in Boston. This offered more people the opportunity to learn and participate in physical activity.
  • YMCA: American Gymnastics introduced

    The YMCA provided a gymnasium and physical training to males. It helped develop and stimulate their mind and body through exercise.
  • Catharine Beecher: Pioneer for Women's Physical Education

    During the 1860's, Catahrine Beecher had many concerns regarding the health of women. She took the Swedish gymnastics system and modified it to make her own. It was seen as unproper for women to engage in physical training and she changed that belief.
  • Dudley Sargent, MD

    Dudley became the assistant professor of physical training at Harvard College. Throughout his career there, he fought to raise physical education on the same level standards as the other subject areas in the school. His status at Harvard was shown to be a very vital part in the development of physical education.
  • Sports, games and activities are added to physical education

    During the 1950's and '60's, physical education began to include more sports and recreational activities. Activities such as dance, swimming, and the various sports were beginning to be included in physical education programs.
  • Development of National Standards

    NASPE (National Association for Sport and Physical Education) created and developed definitions or standards of what educated students should know and be able to perform.
  • Physical education in the 1990's and on

    There are no specific years or dates for the development of these models but they occurred throughout the 1990's. Physical education incorporated many new teaching styles such as concept-based models, sport education model, and fitness testing for all students.These are all seen in physical education classes today.