• Rotary Phone

    Rotary Phone
    Rotary phone was the primary phone used in my house.
  • Touch dial

    Touch dial
    Home phone was switched over to a touch dial phone.
  • Cordless Phone

    Cordless Phone
    The introduction of the cordless phone into our household. This allowed the user not to be tethered to the phone console.
  • First cell phone

    First cell phone
    This was my first cell phone with the extending antenna.
  • Second Cell Phone Type

    Second Cell Phone Type
    This was the second cell phone I owned. This one was also the first internal antenna cell phone.
  • First flip phone

    First flip phone
    This happened to be the first flip phone I owned.
  • Upgraded Flip Phone

    Upgraded Flip Phone
    I upgraded the flip phone to a Razor with a better camera feature.
  • Smartphone

    First time owning a smartphone. Equivalent to a mini-computer.