Phone Hacking Scandal

  • Prince Willam's phone is hacked

    British tabloid News of the World (NoW) prints a story about Prince William injuring his knee, prompting royal officials to complain to the police of probable voicemail hacking.
  • Simon Hughes

    Named in indictment at trial of Goodman and Mulcaire. Was given £45000 to drop charges and as a sorry
  • Max Clifford

    Was warned by police and Named in indictment at trial of Goodman and Mulcaire. Sued the NOTW for breach of privacy and was paid approx £1m
  • George Galloway

    Not named in indictment at trial. Has issued proceedings for breach of privacy against the NOTW and Glenn Mulcaire. Galloway claims he has been offered "substantial sums of money" by NOTW ahead of his court action.[
  • John Prescott

    Scotland Yard confirmed his name and/or other details are included in evidence held by police. Now seeking judicial review of Scotland Yard. Was given £40000
  • closure of news of the world

    7.5 million readers
    closed because of phone hacking
    lost alot of money due to companies pulling out of advertising.
    all people involved were put in prison and a thank you was created
  • Andy Coulson

    aressted for 18 months for phone hacking 8th july 2011
    time was shorted due to good nature of personality
    he started the idea - in charge.
    his trial was 8 months long.
    he was working for media adviser (working for goverment) when this all happened - had to quit his job.
  • Rebakah Brooks

    english journalist.
    from 2000-2003 editor of news of the world.
    date aboved - cleared of all charges.
    close ties to goverment
    oversaw campaign of 'naming and shaming' which was about child sex offenders.
    gave a victims mother a phone to keep in contact which got hacked.
  • New regulator (IPSO)

    new independent regulator for uk newspapers
    PCC was set up in 1990 after failure proceeder. (didnt work)
    wrongly concluded there was no invasion of privacy.
    The Guardian newspaper didnt sign up to this as didnt wanna be controlled.
  • The Leveson Inquiry

    The Leveson Inquiry is a judicial public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press following the News International phone hacking scandal.
    Looking into the culture and eithics of the British Media and made recommendations on how to change and make it better and change rules in the press regulations.
    The inquiry looked into the relationship between the press and the public and the realtionships between press, police and poloticians.