Philippine Annexation

  • US forces Spain to give up Cuba

    On April 19, 1898, President Mckinley was authorized by United States Congress to force Spain to relinquish its rule over Cuba
  • Spanish-American War Begins

    The Spanish-American war officially began, having the United States declare the war on Spain
  • War with Spain

    War officially declared between the United States and Spain
  • Philippine Independence

    Philippies declare independence
  • Elections in the Philippines Begin

    In the Philippines, the capitol of the country was moved to Malolos and, on June 23 1898, elections began.
  • Appoints Military Commandat of Manila

    U.S. General Arthur MacArthur appointed military commandant of Manila and its suburbs.
  • Philippine Republic Constitution

    A group of upper-class Filipinos, known as Ilustrados, held a meeting where they created a constitution for the Philippine Republic.
  • US Signs Peace Treaty with Spain

    The United States signed a peace treaty with Spain, and gained the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
  • Fighting between US and Philippines Begins

    The day of the ratification. Fighting officially broke out between the troops. The US Army was barely prepared for another war, having had to recruit 125,000 volunteers to fight, all with little to no experience.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris was proclaimed
  • US Forces Capture Aguinaldo

    Led by General Frederick Funston, U.S. forces captured Emilio Aguinaldo on Palanan, Isabela Province. Later, he declared allegiance to the United States.
  • War Ends

    The war between the United States and the Philippines officially ends, with Americans winning.