By Hitter
  • Voyage on the Beagle

    Darwin sets sail on the HMS Beagle. Charles Darwin was hired to be the ship’s Naturalist. This is a significant life event for Charles Darwin personally, but also professionally to the philosophical world. “His experiences and observations helped him develop the theory of evolution through natural selection” (NatGeo) "There Darwin spent considerable time ashore collecting plants and animals. Darwin filled notebooks with his observations of plants, animals, and geology.” (NatGeo)
  • Structure and distribution of Coral Reefs is published.

    Darwin publishes his findings regarding coral reefs. Darwin explains how coral reefs develop from the growth of the crust surrounding an island. Darwin further explains how the coral reef shows up on all islands, no matter how far out to sea they are or how far apart they are from each other.
  • Darwin writes a 35 page theory for evolution

    Charles Darwin begins to develop his theory with regards to evolution. He lays out the foundation of the theory in a 35 page diary, but keeps it a secret from other scientist. Darwin fears his theory might be to extreme to be public. He slowly begins to challenge his theory amongst trusted colleagues.
    In 1842, Darwin writes a 35-page draft of his theory, but shares it with no one” (PBS, 2021)
  • Publication of "On the Origin of Species"

    Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution within "On the Origin of Species". This theory includes the suggestion of evolution via Darwin's coined term of Natural Selection.
    “Consider Darwin’s Origin of Species Darwin’s book contained a set of hypotheses about the world, supported with elaborate arguments, expressed using rather ordinary language.” (Godfrey-Smith, 2003)
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