PERT Chart

  • Start of Doctoral Program at GSU

  • Fall Semester 2012

    EDLD 9234 Doctoral Seminar
    EDLD 9231 Administrative Theory
    Fill out Program of Study
    Get familiar with literature and begin researching a prospective topic
  • Spring Semester 2013

    EDLD 9233 Leadership Theory
    EDLD 9236 Diversity and Ethics for Educational Leaders
    EDUR 8131 Educational Statistics I
  • Summer Semester 2013

    EDLD 9232 Decision-Making and Problem Solving
    EDLD 9131 Doctoral Research Methods
  • Fall Semester 2013

    EDLD 9235 Contemporary Issues in Educational Administration
    EDUR 9231 Qualitative Research Methods
    Start researching faculty members that may make a committee chair
  • Spring Semester 2014

    EDLD 9631 Research Seminar I
    EDLD 9632 Research Seminar II
    Write and Defend the preprospectus.
    Take the candidacy exam.
    Request a supervising committee chair.
    Register for EDLD 9999 for the next semester with the committee chair.
  • Summer Semester 2014

    Dissertation work
  • Fall Semester 2014

    Dissertation work
    Apply for graduation in the Spring.
  • Spring Semester 2015

    Finish and Defend the Dissertation.