Persian Gulf War Timeline

  • Kuwait Invasion

    Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion of neighboring Kuwait.
  • United States Deploy Troops to Saudi Arabia

    President Bush ordered over 500,000 troops to Saudi Arabia in Operation Desert Shield to help resist the Iraqi forces in the country.
  • United Nations Condemns Iraq

    The United Nations stated that if Saddam Hussein did not withdraw his troops by January 15th, the United States was authorized to drive them out.
  • Troop Withdrawl Deadline for Saddam Hussein

    The deadline for Saddam Hussein to withdrawl his troops from Kuwait, which he did not respond to.
  • Air Attacks Begin

    United States air attacks against Iraqi forces begin.
  • Ground Attacks Begin

    Ground attackes against Iraqi troops began.
  • Kuwait Declared Freed

    Kuwait was declared free of Iraqi forces and a cease-fire was order for the next morning.
  • Cease-fire Takes Effect/First Persian Gulf War Ends

    At 8:00 am the cease-fire took effect and the first Persian Gulf War ended.