Persian Gulf War

  • UN Condemns Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait

    The United Nations Security Council passes resolution 660, which condemned Iraq's invasion of Kuwait
  • Iraq Invades Kuwait

    Iraq claimed that Kuwait was violating oil quota.The president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein invades
  • Cheney and King Fahd

    King Fahd of Saudi Arabia meets with US secretary of defense, Richard Cheney, to request US military assistance.
  • US Troops Arrive in Sadui Arabia

    Just 2 days after Cheney and Fahd met, US troops started to arrive in Saudi Arabia.
  • More Troops Arrive

    President Bush announces his decision to send an additional 200,000 US troops to the Persian Gulf.
  • Resolution 678 is Passed

    The UN security counsel passes Resolution 678.Resolution 678 established the deadline of January 15th, 1991, for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait.If Iraq failed to meet the deadline, members of the coalition army were authorized to use force.
  • James Baker and Tariq Aziz meet in Geneva

    The US secretary of state, James Baker, meets with the Iraqi foreign minister Tarq Aziz in Geneva to try and reach an agreement to avoid war, but fail.
  • Congress authorizes use of Force

    Congress authorized president Bush to use force in order to liberate Kuwait
  • Iraqi Deadline to Withdraw

    The deadline set by the United Nations for Iraq to withdraw troops from Kuwait, but Iraq does not withdraw
  • President Bush's Speech

    President Bush gives a planned and televised speech to the American people announcing the start of the war.
  • Desert Storm Begins

    Operation Desert Storm, a US led coalition air war against Iraq, begins.
  • Iraq begins firing of Scud Missiles

    Iraq quickly realized there was very little hope of them winning the war so they began firing Scud Missiles, their last form of defense. The Scud Missiles were fired but failed to an significant damage, resulting in an even further weakened Iraqi army.
  • Bush sets new deadline for Iraqi withdraw

    President Bush sets a new deadline for Iraqi troops to withdraw. He states that if they fail to withdraw then they will face a ground war
  • New Iraqi withdraw deadline

    New deadline that Bush set for Iraq to withdraw, but Iraq refuses
  • Ground War Begins

    As Bush promised, on account of Iraq failing to withdraw, the US-led coalition army launched the ground war against Iraq.
  • Liberation of Kuwait

    Coalition forces successfully liberated Kuwait City
  • Coalition Victory

    President Bush declares victory after only 43 days of fight.He then orders a cease-fire.