Period 3

By Room163
  • Brown v Board of Education

    Brown v Board of Education
    click here The court case in which a third- grader from Topeka, Kansas was fighting for her rights to go to an all white school so she would not have to walk a mile to the school any longer. The court ruled that all schools, including hers, must become desegregated.
  • Emmett Till

    Emmett Till
    More InfoEmett Till was a 14 year old boy who was from chicago. He went to money, missippi to visit some relatives. One story is that he whistled at a white lady while in a store as a joke. The white woman brother and step brother were told about the incident and found emmett and took him out to a farm. When at the farm the white men beat him and shot him. Then threw him in the tallahatchie river.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Montgomery Bus Boycott
    click hereOne day, a black woman named Rosa Parks was sitting in her assigned seat when she was asked to move by a white man. She would not move and was put in jail. The black community was outraged and decided to take a stand by getting thousands of African Americans not to take the bus. There boycott was a success.
  • Little Rock Nine

    Little Rock Nine
    Little Rock Nine info
    Nine black students who volunteered to integrate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. The governer of Arkansas refused to integrate so President Kennedy and the national guard made the school integrate.
  • Greensboro 4

    Greensboro 4
    Click Here!On February 1st, 1960, four black college students, attending North Carolina A&T University sat down at a segregated restaurant and politely demanded service. Blacks were supposed to stand and weren't supposed to sit down. Although they were refused service, they sat there until the restaurant closed. Many Blacks who led boycotts across the South viewed these four as inspirations.
  • Freedom Rides

    Freedom Rides
    click here[Click HERE]( and Whites boarded busses together in places of high racial tension and segregation. When they Stopped at the sations many of the riders were beatn. They continued these rides until Mothers Day, May 14 when they were met by an angry mob dressed as if they had "just left church" in Anniston Alabama. Highlighting to the country the problem with racial injustice.
  • Integrating Ole Miss

    Integrating Ole Miss
    click hereJames Meredith was an Air Force Veteran who won a federal court case which allowed him to enroll in an all-white University of Mississippi. JFK sent federal marshalls to escort Meredith when he registered. This resulted in campus riots.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    March on WashingtonThe March on Washington was an estimated 250,000 people that marched to Washington D.C to promote Civil Rights and economic equailty for African Americans. During the March, Rev Martin Luther King Jr announced his memorable "I have a Dream Speech" that attracted millions of people. According to many people, this was one of the biggest events in the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Civil Rights Act of 1964
    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a piece of legislation that prohibited most forms of discrimination including the discrimination of sex and race. It was a truning point in the civil rights movement. It was called for by President John F Keneedy, and enacted during Lyndon B Johnson's presidency, on July 2, 1964.
  • Malcom X Assination

    Malcom X Assination
    Click HereMalcome X was assassinated by a group of black muslins. He was shot down while he was speaking at his ralley for his organization in New York City. His house was fired bombed one week before he was killed at the ralley.
  • Dr. King Assassination

    Dr. King Assassination
    CLICK HEREAt 6:01PM Martin Lurthur King was shot on his balcony of his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis TN. King was killed by James Earl Ray