Pepsi Timeline

Timeline created by letzigbk
  • Pepsi Changes Name

    Pepsi Changes Name
    Pharmacist, Caleb Bradham changes the name of his carbonated soft drink from Brad's Drink to Pepsi-Cola.
  • Pepsi moves locations

    Pepsi moves locations
    Operations move from a drugstore to a rented warehouse where they can now sell 7,000 plus gallons of syrup in just one year.
  • Pepsi Creates a New Logo

    Pepsi Creates a New Logo
    Pepsi-Cola has a new logo, the first since its' creation.
  • Pepsi gets another new logo and slogan

    Pepsi gets another new logo and slogan
    Pepsi-Cola gets a new logo and creates the slogan "The Original Pure Food Drink."
  • Pepsi's Finances Suffer

    Pepsi's Finances Suffer
    Pepsi-Cola endures financial losses due to the sugar market collapse.
  • Pepsi Goes Bankrupt

    Pepsi Goes Bankrupt
    Pepsi-Cola goes bankrupt. Craven Holding buys it for $30,000.
  • Pepsi Outsells Competitors

    Pepsi Outsells Competitors
    Pepsi starts selling twelve ounce bottles for five cents the same as its' competitors who are selling six ounces.
  • Pepsi Changes its' Marketing Strategy

    Pepsi Changes its' Marketing Strategy
    Americans are becoming more weight conscious so Pepsi creates "The Light Refreshment" campaign begins.
  • Pepsi Changes With The Times

    Pepsi Changes With The Times
    Pepsi recognizes the importance of the post-war generation, so it creates the theme of "Now It's Pepsi, For Those Who Think Young."
  • New Pepsi

    New Pepsi
    Introduces Diet Pepsi.
  • New Addition to Pepsi

    New Addition to Pepsi
    Acquires brand Mountain Dew.
  • Embracing Pepsi

    Embracing Pepsi
    Introduces The Pepsi Challenge which will convince millions that Pepsi is superior.
  • Pepsi And The NFL

    Pepsi And The NFL
    Becomes the National Football League's Official Soft Drink Sponsor.
  • Pepsi Edge

    Pepsi Edge
    Introduces new brand Pepsi EDGE. It has the same taste but half the sugar, carbs and calories of normal colas, to accommodate health conscious Americans.
  • Pepsi Revamps Logo

    Pepsi Revamps Logo
    Pepsi revamps its' logo into its' modern day form, to gain more support.