pendragon by D.J MacHale 374

  • read pages 79

    it begins with a boy named mark. he is talking about how he kissed a popular girl in school named courtney when she comes over to his house.after his uncle shows up and tells him mark has to go with him right away. then his friendbobby had a dream the night he went with his uncle. he was supposed to be at his basketball game so the next day everybody was wondering were he went.when bobby had the dream a women appeeared and gave him a ring. read pages 1-79(total pages79)
  • read pages 167

    when bobby gets the ring he goes to school the next day and it starts glowing so he goes to the bathroom and he throws the ring and it makes a black hole which pops out a scroll. also mark wasnt at school and some weird things had been going on. bobby was teken to an abndoned subway with unlce press. uncle press took mark into alot of secret doors then a cop appeared and things started going down. read pages 80-167 (total pages 167)
  • read pages 233

    when things got done between the cop bobbywas transverred to a different place like earth through a flume. uncle press went missing so mark was on his own for awhile. mark was getting worried about bobby so he got courtney and they went to his house to see if bobby was there and there was no sign of bobbys family anywhere. not even the house existed. read pages 167-256 (total pages 256)
  • read pages 293

    there was no sing of bobby so courtney and mark found the flumes that bobby went through and ended up in the world bobby was in. they go through many adventures to find bobby but still no sign of his family anywhere. unle press is kidnapped and now bobby has to find him with the help of two girls who will train him. read pages233-297 total pages 297
    (total between both books 490)